Lessons + Rates

Lesson Rates:

  • Lessons at Red House are by semesters (usually a 3 month package is 12 weeks for $420). Students are required to commit to one lesson per week based on the TDSB calendar. Unfortunately, we do not offer individual pay-as-you-go lessons, or monthly lessons.
  • No lessons during stat holidays.
  • There is a one-time registration fee of $30/student.
  • Lesson fees are to be paid at the beginning of each semester or time slot may be forfeited. Payment can be made at the school by e-transfer.


  • We ask that there is only one cancellation per semester, and that all lesson are attended within the semester.
  • Please give at least 24 hours notice, via email please, to move a lesson, or the lesson will be forfeited. Missed lessons must be made up within the week, depending on the availability of the teacher. 

*please email to cancel lessons: redhousemusicacademy@gmail.com


Acoustic + Electric Guitar

Get guitar into your life NOW! You can be an adult or young student starting electric or acoustic guitar. It's the worlds most popular, portable instrument for a reason! We'll work together to get you making music as soon as possible and navigate some of the frustrating aspects of beginning guitar. Learn to read music or get rocking with some of your favourite tunes.





It does't matter if you are younger or older, piano is a great "first instrument" if you are wanting to learn music. Piano lessons are customized to the needs of each student. Learn the basics of music through piano; sight-reading, proper fingering and playing technique in a fun and nurturing environment. Whether it's your first music lesson or you are preparing for an R.C.M exam, we can help.




Voice + Piano

This is an exclusive program that is unique to Red House. It was actually developed out of the wishes of younger students who realized that they had wanted to do both voice and piano lessons, so the voice/piano combination was born. You get 15 minutes of basic voice technique and 15 minutes of piano technique rolled into one. It's become a very popular choice at Red House and has spawned many young singers, and songwriters at the school.


Voice Program

Voice Program

Anyone can learn to sing at any age. Our teachers can help you expand your range, find your voice, train your ear and develop your tone and expression. Learn the foundation and fundamentals of proper voice technique with a variety of pop, rock, folk, classical, and musical theatre pieces.



Drum Lessons

You've come to the right place! Let one of Canada's premier drummers and drum teachers, Al Cross, teach you drums. His wealth of experience and laid-back approach has been aspiring young drummers and adults at Red House for years. Learn technique, rhythms, sight-reading, and variety of drumming styles.



Ukulele Lessons

It's easier to play then guitar, and its smaller size is perfect for small hands. There is a reason why public schools have incorporated this instrument into their music programs. If you can memorize four simple chords, you can play and sing a ton of songs. This is an excellent choice for a "first instrument" for any age.

Rock Band Program

Red House Music Academy is a 1500sq foot facility with enough room for a rehearsal area. Students have the opportunity to form their own band with their friends, or with a band composed of Red House students of similar ages and abilities. Students commit to a weekly Saturday rehearsal time, mentored by one of our teachers. In that hour, they learn the fundamentals of what makes great bands work well together. We work out the guitar, drums, bass, and vocal parts of the students’ favourite classic songs and explore the many facets of songwriting as a band.
*Michael Mckenzie teaches this on Saturday's and Thursdays.

Songwriting + Recording

If writing music is your passion, we can help you hone your writing skills and learn how to record in our studio. Let our accredited teachers help guide you through the process of songwriting and applied musical theory on your instrument. Study classic pop, rock, soul, and blues songs and find out what they have in common. Book some time in the Red House studio and see your creation come to life.



Bass Guitar

This is "the" foundation instrument for every band. Without it, a band will sound empty. We'll get you playing bass in no time. Learn rhythms, sight-reading, scales, and finger technique for both hands, all while you learn your favourite songs.

Adult Students!

We've got many adult students at Red House learning guitar, voice, piano, drums, you name it, so please do inquire.