How do I get my child to practice and how much should my child, or myself be practicing a day/week?

Part of what has made Red House successful is having our staff motivate students with a weekly practice program and monthly goals. The Holiday Show and Summer Concert are also very effective motivators! The amount of practice per week depends on the age and level of a student. Parents’ involvement is helpful in guiding students to find time in their schedule for practicing. A parent could suggest an after-school time or perhaps suggest: “Hey, this Sunday at 4pm would be a good time for you to work on your music!” The most effective practicing at home happens in a distraction-free zone: free of siblings, television, computers, ipads, and phones.


What is the earliest age students can start at Red House?

When your kids have asked more than three times, it’s time to look into music lessons. We’ve had kids as young as three start voice lessons because they love to sing! Beginner piano and appreciation for music lessons can also be taught for a child as young as 4 if they are passionate about learning music. We’ve also had children as young as five, who have been dying to learn drums and have the attention span to sit for 30 minutes, take drum lessons. It entirely depends on the maturity level of the student, and it’s always best to book a consultation and see where it goes from there.

What is the Rock Band Program all about?

Red House Music Academy is a 1500sq foot facility with enough room for a rehearsal area. Students have the opportunity to form their own band with their friends, or with a band composed of Red House students of similar ages and abilities. Students commit to a weekly Saturday rehearsal time, mentored by one of our teachers. In that hour, they learn the fundamentals of what makes great bands work well together. We assist them with learning the guitar, drum, bass, and vocal parts of classic songs that they suggest, or we explore the facets of songwriting, and the elements of what makes a good or great song. Most of the students in Rock Band have been playing their instruments for a minimum of one year.

I hear that students and bands are recording at Red House, and how can my son, or daughter record there?

There are many kids and adults who record at Red House. Some of the students get into songwriting and have ideas that they'd like to record either solo, or as a band. We'll put together a date/time and prepare a date to record. There have been dozens of records and demos recorded at Red House in the past 6 years. Recording and writing are integral parts of becoming a complete musician in the modern world. The record industry expects all artists to deliver a professional sounding demo or record, and we can help prepare for that.

Can I learn off the internet?

Learning things on the internet can be useful to some people, but it's not for everyone. You generally are not going to get the most effective learning experience form the internet. Everyone learns best with a combination of visual (written), hands-on (actually playing it), and aural (hearing). Playing an instrument, especially in the beginning phase is most effective if a teacher can actually show you what you are doing wrong or doing right. Proper hand position and technique for piano, guitar, bass, voice, ukulele and drums is best corrected in the moment rather then developing bad habits from the start.

Do you have adults at Red House?

We have many adult students at Red House. Learning an instrument is not just for kids. In fact, the hardest part about learning an instrument is actually making the phone call to book it. Most adult students express that they wished they had called ages ago, if they only knew that it would be this rewarding. We also encourage adult students who may have learned an instrument as a child and want to dust off and revisit their music skills. If you really want to learn, just simply call, and we’ll be glad to assist you.