“I had apprehensions about learning guitar, as I thought I didn't have enough time.”

As an adult student, I didn't know if I would have the patience for it. Red House has made learning the guitar a really enjoyable experience. I only wish I would have called sooner!

“Red House has been great a music school for my kids.”

The kids really like the patient approach to learning, and also the inspiration the teachers bring to the lessons. They love that their friends are all excited about music too. And did I mention, they get to play at the Dakota Tavern? Amazing!

“My girlfriend purchased a gift certificate from Red House.”

I've had a guitar sitting there in the corner, staring at me for years and finally decided to call and book a lesson. They really took the time to explain and simplify the basic chords, and assured me to be patient, as it will come. I like Michael's saying, "learning and playing guitar isn't a destination, but a journey." Well said Mike!

“My children were hesitant at first ...”

…but once they went, and realized what a cool place it was, and saw other kids their age playing instruments, they decided to join.